Bathroom Renovations in London


Bathroom Renovations

We understand that bathrooms are more than just functional spaces. They should be warm, relaxing, and tranquil retreats. That’s why we have our own team of specialists who are not only skilled in installation but also have a knack for designing bathrooms that make the most of the available space.

We take pride in creating high-spec, cozy, and visually stunning bathrooms and wetrooms. Our goal is to add a touch of luxury and create that “wow” factor that will leave you delighted with your new bathroom.

We also believe in making bathrooms accessible for everyone. That’s why we collaborate with local authorities and occupational therapists to design and install disabled wetrooms that offer appropriate access. Our aim is to help our clients maintain their independence and enjoy maximum comfort within their own homes.

Let us transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and beauty.

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Bathrooms serve more than just the practical purpose of hygiene; they can also be a personal sanctuary, a place of relaxation and comfort. Therefore, the need for professional bathroom remodeling and wetroom installations cannot be overemphasised.

Bathroom renovation in London and wetroom refurbishments bring a fresh and modern aesthetic, offering myriad benefits ranging from improved functionality to increased property value.

The Charm of Custom Bathroom Fittings and Refurbishments

Modern bathroom and wetroom refurbishments are all about transforming your existing space into a spa-like heaven where you can unwind and refresh. Through the use of custom bathroom fittings, this transformation becomes an achievable dream. Today’s bathroom fittings incorporate both functionality and elegance, ensuring that your bathroom not only looks good but also serves its purpose effectively.

Professional bathroom remodeling extends beyond replacing outdated fixtures. It involves a complete overhaul of the space, ensuring that every element, from the tiles to the lighting, is tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Furthermore, a bathroom refurbishment can be done to meet specific design requirements, highlighting the benefits of a bespoke and personal approach.

The Sophistication of Wet Room Installations and Refurbishments

In recent years, wetrooms have seen a surge in popularity, particularly in modern homes. Wetroom installations offer an open, fully waterproof shower area, which is both luxurious and practical. Their seamless design and bespoke wetroom fittings can enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Wetroom renovation services offer a streamlined look and a space-saving solution, especially beneficial for smaller bathrooms. Moreover, wetroom refurbishment solutions ensure easy cleaning and maintenance while also providing excellent accessibility, an aspect that proves useful for the elderly or those with mobility issues.

The Role of Professional Tiling Services

A successful wetroom or bathroom refurbishment in London would be incomplete without the role of professional tiling services. The right tiles can truly accentuate the overall design, whether it’s in the bathroom or wetroom.

Residential tiling solutions, like ceramic tile installation and mosaic tile design, can enhance the visual appeal and durability of the space. From bathroom tile design to outdoor tile installation, tiling contractors carry out a wide range of services to meet varied needs.

Even in commercial settings, commercial tiling services play a crucial role, providing durable and attractive flooring options. Furthermore, professional tiling services often include tile repair and replacement, ensuring that your space remains in idyllic condition for years to come.

The luxury tile flooring options and types available today are vast, ranging from timeless marble to rustic terracotta, each bringing a distinct character to your refurbished bathroom or wetroom.

Experience the Difference That Our Experts Can Make

Construct & Furnish London is a reliable company, really good at bathroom remodelling in London and making homes nicer. We have been doing this for a long span and people trust us due to our experienced services. We can help you with different kinds of jobs, like:

  1. Taking out all the things in your bathroom like the toilet, sink, bathtub, and shelves.
  2. Removing the tiles on the walls and floor of your bathroom.
  3. Putting new stuff on the ceiling and walls.
  4. Fixing the pipes and wires in your bathroom.
  5. Putting in new toilets, sinks, bathtubs, heaters, and other things.
  6. Fixing things that are broken in your bathroom.
  7. Putting tiles on the floor and walls.
  8. Adding new furniture and things to your bathroom.
  9. Making a panel for your bathtub and putting tiles on it.

The people who work at Construct & Furnish London are really marvellous at their jobs. We know a lot about making homes better while keeping the cost low. Contact us today and share the details about your project; our bathroom fitters in London will assist you make it come true!


The time it takes to make your bathroom nice again usually falls between one and four weeks, depending on how much stuff needs to be fixed. If you’re working with Construct & Furnish London, we will work as fast as possible on your disturbing daily routine.

You don’t have to provide any bathroom design or draw fancy pictures for your bathroom installation. If you have an idea, our team of smart people at Construct & Furnish London can turn your idea into a model that matches what you like.

Simply put, changing everything about your bathroom is called remodelling. But if you’re just fixing a few things to make your bathroom look better, that’s called renovating. It’s like giving your bathroom a little makeover.