Is My Roof Suitable for A Roof Window?

A Roof Window

What is a Roof Window?

A roof window is an outward opening window that is installed as a part of your roof and is called a skylight or roof light well. Although these terms differ from each other on some level, they are generally used interchangeably. You can choose from a wide range of roof windows, including solar, manual, automatic, and electric windows.

Roof windows are primarily used to flood your space with natural light. Apart from that, they also improve the ventilation, resulting in good air quality in your home. Above all, these windows can boost the resale value of your property as well. However, you can only get these benefits when your roof is eligible for a roof window. In this post, we will unveil the requirements for a roof window to check if your roof is suitable for it or not.

Is My Roof Suitable for A Roof Window?

If your roof has a pitch of 15 to 90 degrees and a head height of 2.2 meters or more, then it is suitable for a roof window. Furthermore, your roof must be well-structured and strong enough to support the window.

Requirements for a Roof Window

You cannot just install a roof window on your roof without considering anything. You must consider specific requirements to check the compatibility of your roof with a window. These requirements are:

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch is the primary requirement for a roof window. Usually, your roof should be pitched between 15 to 90 degrees to install a window. However, flat roofs with a minimum pitch of 0 to 2 degrees can also get windows. Flat roof windows are suitable for low-pitched roofs.

Strength of the Roof

The following requirement is the strength of your roof. It must be strong enough to hold the weight of a roof window. Otherwise, it may result in damages and leaks to your roof. The window may fall if it’s not supported well, leading to injuries and property damage.

Roof Head Height

A roof head height of 2.2m or more is required to install a roof window. It would be best to consider the headspace you will have after installation if you plan to install roof windows.

Planning Permissions

Usually, you don’t need planning permissions to install a roof window, especially if you are replacing the existing one. However, you need them if you make significant changes to your property’s structure. Sometimes, you may change the location of chimneys or other structures on your roof to Install a roof window. In such cases, you need planning permissions.

Don’t decide everything on your own. It’s suggested to contact experts to know if your roof is suitable for a window or not.

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