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Construct and Furnish delivers specialised office design and build services. From envisioning dynamic designs to crafting a workspace your team will love, we are here to replenish your office and enrich both the experience and overall work atmosphere.

Professional design and build service

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What Is the Aim for Office Design and Build?

An office design and build process focuses on your brand identity, business needs and workflow, resulting in a tailored solution that optimises your available space. This approach aims to create an office environment that nurtures productivity and uplifts employee morale, eventually contributing to the long-term success of your business.

What Advantage Does an Office Design and Build Offer?

Office design and build optimise space utilisation, enhance your brand image, facilitate future expansion possibilities, boost team productivity, and provide an aesthetically pleasing work environment, resulting in employee satisfaction and propelling your business towards success.

The right office design is a strategic investment in your company’s thriving future.

1) Vision, design, financials, and timelines

2) Collaborating architects, designers, and engineers

3) Approvals, survey, commissioning, construction data

4) Choosing and supervising sub-contractors







Office Design and Build Procedure

Based on design specifications, project scope, and financial plan, the office design and build process will involve a series of steps:

Consultation and Assessment: Primary discussion between the client and the contractor to outline the functionality, creativity, financial plan, and timeline.

Conceptual Design: The design and build contractor develops a structural layout and conceptual architecture.

Visualisation: The office design and build team generates featured drawings and 3D blueprints, which consist of materials, finishes, shades and fixtures.

Details and Design: The final details and financial plans are established and required planning permissions are submitted.

Construction Process: The construction starts and the design is implemented and installed; the process continues till the final stage of quality control checks and handover, allowing your team to move in and experience your newly fitted office.

Professional Perspective on Office Design and Build

Construct and Furnish is the leading pick as a design and build company, offering extensive expertise on the latest trends and a comprehensive understanding of UK building legislation and regulations.

Our solutions perfectly align with your brand image, ensuring a blend of creativity, functionality, and aesthetics.

We Collaborate with You at Each Step

We thoroughly plan the process, starting from the design phase and extending through to the final completion. We strongly emphasise collaboration and understanding your unique requirements before setting out for the project.

Whether it’s a new office, bar, café, shopping centre or hospitality business, we attentively listen to your preferences, ensuring to bring the precise solutions you need.

Construct and Furnish | Integrate Technology into Your Office Design & Build

Our design and build team effortlessly incorporates modern technology into commercial spaces. We revolutionise functionality and aesthetics, merging intelligent IT solutions for maximum energy utilisation.

Propel your company forward through our technology-driven solutions, enhancing productivity, durability and client engagement.

Customisation and Personalisation

Representing your Image: We design and build tailored solutions to align with your business needs and brand identity.

Tailored Approach: To build a space that reflects your vision, we artfully infuse your preferences into every aspect, crafting a narrative from the arrangement to the very essence of materials chosen.

Custom-Made: We forge connections with clients through custom designs that embody their company’s essence.

To ensure the smooth execution of projects, our designs fulfil all the essential requirements, from the conceptual phase to functional implementation, resulting in elegant structure and interiors that align with your financial plan and specific needs.

Process of Construct and Furnish’s Design and Build

At the beginning of your interior project, we listen to your aspirations and goals. A thorough understanding of your aim helps us to craft designs that will eventually deliver impactful results – a step that calls for a blueprint, presentations, and budget discussions.

 Solutions to Ensure Precision

Precise CAD Drawings to Scale

Visuals and Spatial Concept Proposals

Detailed Specifications and Recommendations

Cost Analysis, Timeline and Financial Insights


An office fit-out involves designing and furnishing a workspace tailored to a business or organisation’s distinct needs and specifications.

When seeking office fit-out proposals, provide critical details: headcount, organisational chart, remote vs. in-office workers and hybrid work patterns.

Office design and build projects are unique to each client and space, making it challenging to give a standard cost, it is also based on project type, materials and scope.

The building regulations encompass a range of functional criteria like structure, fire safety, drainage, ventilation and more. These criteria are supported by technical guidance provided in Approved Documents.

We will assign a single point of contact to manage your office design and build project, who oversees all teams and ensures a seamless process from start to finish.