House Extensions in Hammersmith

House Extensions Hammersmith

House extensions are like a breath of fresh air for a home. Beyond adding living space, they provide a chance to redefine your property as per your preference and taste. Whether it’s adding a sunlit breakfast nook, a serene home office, or a spacious family room, extensions allow you to tailor your living environment to your lifestyle.

House extensions are a cost-effective way to add significant value to your space. Briefly, they are a practical and versatile solution to accommodate growing families, ever-changing needs and evolving trends.

Construct & Furnish London houses expert extension builders to help you uniquely adapt your property, adding a space that functions precisely how you need it.

Benefit from a Range of House Extension Options

If you are planning to build house extensions in Hammersmith, there are plenty of options for you:

Single-Storey Extensions: Single-storey extensions are an ideal way to add more living space to your home that can be utilised as a guest bedroom, utility room, or home office. They also work as kitchen extensions and are a great place for cooking and dining activities.

Single-storey extensions serve versatile construction purposes, and you can add these extensions along the side or to the rear of your property or as wraparounds.

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Two-Storey Extensions: These extensions extend upward and are more cost-effective than a single-storey extension. This is because two-storey extensions offer 2x living space, whereas the extension cost per m2 is not much higher than a single-storey extension.

Rear Extensions: As indicated by its name, a rear extension is constructed at the back of your home and helps create large open living spaces to extend the garden or courtyard. Rear extensions are suitable for properties that do not have a side return, so there is only one direction to extend.

Side Return Extensions: Side turn extensions run along the sides of your home. These extensions are a fantastic way to benefit from your dead or unused alley space.

Wraparound Extensions: Wraparound or L-shaped extensions combine rear extensions and side extensions. These extensions are suitable for Victorian terraced homes due to the availability of alleyways.

Dormer Extensions: Covered under permitted development, dormer home extensions are a perfect way to utilise the unused space of your attic. It works by removing your roof’s pitch to create a flat roof. This ultimately gives you a sizeable volume to make a master bedroom with attached bathrooms or an additional room that the kids can use as a playroom.

Enjoy a Multitude of Perks

Building house extensions in Hammersmith can be useful in numerous ways:

More Liveable Space: Home extensions enable you to beneficially utilise your free or dead space to create a calm and liveable space for your growing needs.

Enhanced Potential Value: Adding home extensions enhances your property’s potential value, making it appealing to potential customers if you’re willing to sell it.

More Aesthetics and Functionality: Well-planned and luxury house extensions make the exterior of your home catchier and the interior more practical for great usage and comfort.

No Planning Permission: Another privilege of house extensions in Hammersmith is that usually, they do not need planning permission. This saves you from the hassle of application and long wait for completion.

Design as per Your Taste: Last but not least, house extensions have the flexibility of customisation, which means you can design as per your choice and preference.

Versatile Services Under One Roof

Our experts install home extensions to various types of houses:

Victorian: Get rear extensions or side extensions installed to your traditional-styled houses.

Edwardian: Our well-versed double-storey extensions can generate more feasible space in an Edwardian home.

Terraced: We can build single-storey or double-storey rear extensions for larger accommodations.

Detached: Our professionals also provide wraparound extensions for your detached and semi-detached houses.

Bungalow: Extend your bungalows with marvellous rear, dormer or second-storey extensions.

Modern: We integrate side extensions in your modern homes, enhancing their aesthetics and functionality.

Build to Get Value

Construct & Furnish London is a platform that blends space functionality and aesthetics. Fostering personalised attention, our experts build unique house extensions in Hammersmith that efficiently serve your purpose. Connect to add the space you covet.


The time to build a house extension can vary depending on the project’s complexity. Generally, it takes 8-10 weeks for an initial build and 6-8 weeks to install all the facilities and finishes.

Generally, you do not need planning permission for a house extension, but it may be required if it exceeds certain limits.

You can extend your semi-detached house up to 3 and 6 metres under permitted development and prior approval, respectively.

The estimated cost is £48,000 (excluding VAT) for an area of 20m²; however, the cost can vary depending on the complexity of your project. For a precise idea, reach out to our experts.