House Extensions in Lambeth

House Extensions in Lambeth Construct

Augment your property’s worth by opting for a home extension that has become a favoured route to expand your living space. Be it a rear or side extension, or a single or double storey extension, a home extension project demands thoughtful deliberation.

House extensions in Lambeth are a superb method to infuse natural light into your living space, establish seamless connections between distinct sections of your property, elevate the overall home aesthetics and design, add more functional space, and infuse your living environment with a breath of fresh air.

Types of House Extensions

Following are the types of most popular luxury house extensions:

Rear House Extension

The most prevalent house extension in rank is a rear extension, effectively stretching your home into the garden area. The extension boasts flexiblity, with the additional space serving various purposes that can be on both single and double storeys. Without sacrificing the garden and transforming your outdoor space instead, you also have the option to maintain an open feel with proper windows and doors.

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Single-Storey Extension

Utilise underused garden space by choosing from versatile design options. Single storey home extensions often add an extended kitchen to old properties. French doors or bi-fold doors are contemporary trends for an open connection between home and garden.

Two Storey Extension

Optimising your home’s interior space by adding space on two floors is an excellent strategy to augment your space. Utilise your garden space effectively, which is commonly found in period properties, and enjoy the opportunity to create a new kitchen, additional bedroom, or bathroom at a highly reasonable cost.

Side Extension

Transform a small kitchen into a spacious kitchen diner by utilising the alleys to add up to 3m. Side extensions are customary features in Victorian and Georgian-era properties with side alleys.

L-Shaped Extension

Ideal for period or detached homes seeking extra space and flexibility, an L-shaped or wrap-around house extension in Lambeth merges both side and rear extensions, adding length and width to your property.

Over-Structure Extension

Open up the exciting possibilities by adding a bedroom or bathroom to enhance your property value. Transform existing garage or single-storey extensions into double-storey by over-structure house extensions.

Best Extension for Each House Type

The historical era has a variety of house types and property styles characteristic of the UK’s architectural features.


Side return extensions can create beautiful indoor-outdoor connections in Georgian-style houses. Influenced by Greek and Roman architectural principles of proportion and symmetry, Georgian-style houses encompass many residential structures, from grand detached buildings to semi-detached villas and period townhouses.

Victorian Terraced

Rear extension or side extension is a viable option for the extra space in Victorian terraced houses. Victorian architecture features iconic terraced houses catering to the middle and working classes. Front doors are typically constructed from colourful timber panel doors with stained glass upper panels added to enhance the charm.


Adding a double-storey extension is best route to creating more space in Edwardian houses. The Edwardian era brought about wider, semi-detached houses with bay windows on each floor, influenced by Baroque and Arts and Crafts styles.


Any type of extension can be added to modern houses. Famous from the 1950s onwards are typically large, detached homes characterised by floor-to-ceiling glazing and materials often seen in commercial construction.


Glass extensions are the most popular extension in a cottage. These quaint homes were initially situated in rural settings but can now be found in urban areas, including large towns and cities. Cottage prices vary significantly, with well-maintained, spacious cottages in popular areas typically commanding higher prices.


Typically, single-storey and two-storey flats with a private front door offer added privacy, separating your home from shared corridors and entrances. A flat extension would need consultation with the local authority to ascertain if you could proceed with the project.

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Considering all the available options, the typical house extensions cost per m2 may typically lie between £40,000 and £60,000.

Opt for a simple rectangular or square design for your extension to save on construction costs without compromising quality.

Extending your house is a trendy way to expand key living areas like the kitchen or create versatile spaces like bedrooms, home offices or playrooms.

A rear extension is a common type that extends your home into the garden, creating more indoor-outdoor space.