House Extensions in Merton

House Extension in Merton

Worried about compact space in your house? The issue can be resolved by adding a house extension that significantly increases the space as well as its value. According to a recent study, it can add roughly 25% to the house’s value.

Construct & Furnish, a company with years of experience in building luxury house extensions in Merton, is here to assist you in creating the space of your dreams. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions according to clients’ requirements and using materials that promote sustainability.

House Extension Varieties

Let’s dive into a few popular types of home extensions to consider for your next building project:

Rear Extensions

A rear addition, as the name indicates, is built at the back of your home and added to your existing patio area or garden. It is commonly used to blend outdoor and indoor living spaces or create larger open-plan living rooms.

A small rear extension can normally be completed without the need for planning permission, making the process hassle-free and saving time. Smaller extensions usually take around 3-4 months, while larger extensions can take up to six months or more.

Side Extensions

Do you have a path down or an alley along the side of your house? If yes, side return extensions are the best way for you to enlarge your home. This extension type is relatively small in terms of how far it extends, but it travels along the length of the room, so it can have a profound effect on your interior without requiring planning approval.

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Wrap Around Extensions

Wrap-around extensions combine a rear extension and a side return, allowing the outer walls to move in both directions. They’re wonderful for drastically expanding your living space and are perfectly suitable for family living, producing vast open-plan spaces with a decent-sized dining area, kitchen, and seating space.

Double Storey Extensions

Double-story extensions use one of the three configurations described above: side, rear, or wrap-around extension, expanding over two levels rather than one. The benefit of this is that you get twice the space. A double-storey expansion is often only 50% more expensive than a single-storey extension.

Dormer Extensions

If your attic suffers from cobwebs and junk, a dormer expansion could be an excellent choice. This extension type removes the roof’s pitch and replaces it with a flat roof that is level with the top of the existing pitch. This results in a squared-off box space, perfect for master bedrooms with ensuite baths or an extended space for children’s bedrooms.

Extensions Suiting to Different Types of Houses

Terraced Houses: Single-storey and rear-storey extensions are the best option for extending a terraced house. 

Victorian Houses: For most of the Victorian houses, wrap-around extension is the best choice.

Maisonette Houses: The most popular extension type for a maisonette is a dormer extension. 

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With an excellent record of work and a long list of satisfied customers, Construct & Furnish Lodnon is your ideal choice for house extensions in Merton. Get in touch with top extension builders in town today to discuss your requirements and get an instant quote.     


The cost varies depending on the type of extension you want. In the case of a garage conversion, the cost is between £8.5k and £20k, while a basement expansion can cost between £100k and £160k, with some projects costing much more.

You don’t need to obtain planning permission if your extension falls within the permitted development rights. If it exceeds, you must get planning permission.

The major benefit of a house extension is that it adds additional space to your house, resulting in a spacious room such as a kitchen, dining area, extra living room, or a spare bathroom.