House Extensions in Richmond

House Extensions in Richmond

Adding space to your existing property, a house extension project enhances the value of your home. With this project, you can add a rear, side, or storey extension to your home to create an extra living space.

Construct & Furnish London provides services for house extensions in Richmond. Our professional builders transform and expand your home into a new modern space that integrates well with the existing property’s structure. We are experienced in providing the following types of house extensions:

  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Multi-Storey Extensions
  • Rear Extensions
  • Side Return Extensions
  • Single Storey Extensions
  • Two Storey Extensions
  • Wrap Around Extensions
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Which Types of Houses Are Suitable for Extension

No matter what type of house property you have, we provide wide-ranging extension services for the following types of houses:

  • Bungalows
  • Cottages
  • Detached Houses
  • Semi-detached Houses
  • Terraced Houses
  • Victorian Houses, etc.

Advantages of House Extensions

House extensions offer various advantages, which include:

Adding Value to Your Property

House extension helps you add extra square footage to your residential property, enhancing its monetary value. According to experts, you can increase your property’s value by up to 25%, depending on your property’s size, location, and type. This feature makes house extensions a worthy investment.

Creating Extra Living Space

To enhance the comfort and practicality of your house, an extension adds more living space, which you can customise based on your needs and preferences. Our extension builders ensure to make the space more personal with a unique feel and look, fulfilling your family’s growing demands.

Saving You from the Stress of Moving to a New Location

With luxury house extensions, we make your home look elegant yet simple and save you from the relocation inconvenience. Our designs are fully adaptable and can be integrated with versatile home designs, creating an ideal, upgraded space for homeowners.

In this way, you can fulfil your needs with extra space without selling your home and moving to a new location, which brings extensive disruptions and costs with it.

Making a Customised Space

With a house extension project, you can customise your living space according to your preferences and tastes. We can help you, for instance, extend your premises to create a main suite balcony, which will add a modern and contemporary feel to your home.

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Here are a few good reasons why you should choose Construct & Furnish London for your house extension project:

  • Customised Solutions
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Expert Advice

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House extension creates additional living space which can be used for different purposes depending on your needs and requirements, such as:

  • Bedroom
  • Gym
  • Home office
  • Kids playroom
  • Living room, etc.

Hiring the right professional contractors for your house extension project is crucial as they can give you the best advice with an accurate cost quote. Moreover, they are experienced in similar projects and can provide you with previous clients’ references so that you can ascertain the quality of work they deliver.

You need to get planning permission approval from your local council for house extensions in Richmond. This approval takes several weeks or even months; therefore, it is vital to consider this duration in your project’s overall timeline.

The typical cost for house extension varies between £1,350 and £3,000 per m2. This cost depends on the extension size, type, complexity, property location, building materials, fittings and fixtures, and contractor fees.