House Extensions in Wandsworth

House Extensions Wandsworth

If your house has been feeling quite a bit congested lately, with not sufficient room to breathe at any point in time, what you need are the services of professional extension builders to increase the liveable space in your property of residence.

Premium House Extensions

House extensions are the attempt of a homeowner to increase the habitable space in their homes so that they do not need to move to a larger property to fulfil their need for a larger living space. This will be done by low-scale modifications to the house, with minimal need for construction. However, whether your house even allows for extension projects to take place is determined by the house type that you are living in.

House Extension Benefits

As already specified, there are certain benefits associated with getting your house extended for more liveable space. These include:

  • Increased Space
  • Greater Property Value
  • No Need to Relocate
  • Minimal Legal Hurdles
  • Designed Around You!
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Home Extension Categories and Types

It is crucial that we understand the various types of extension projects. Knowledge of all types of such construction projects will allow for better planning of your own home extension.

Side Turn Extension

Side turn extensions are applicable in cases where there is space available on the side of the house, such as the presence of side alleys in Victorian or Georgian-era houses. This form of extension attempts to make the most of that available space, increasing the habitable space of the house.

Rear Extension

As can be inferred from the name, this form of extension attempts to make the most of the space available at the backside of the house. In most cases, this form of extension is used to increase the outdoor space of the house dramatically.

Two-Storey Extension

This variation entails the construction of a double-storey home extension rather than a single-storey one. This is a desired form of home enlargement since the extension cost per m² of the second storey will be much lower, adding even more space to the house at a minimal cost.

Wrap-Around Extension

Also referred to as the L-shaped extension, a wrap-around extension is a culmination of both, side and rear extensions, forming an ‘L’ shape around the house. This form of extension can dramatically increase the space of the house.

Loft Conversions

Keeping your loft in its original state is laying waste to the space of your house which could serve a better purpose. This is the very reason people nowadays are opting for loft conversions. This form of house extension converts a seemingly useless loft area into someplace extraordinary, that too at a minimal cost.

House Types

Your need for services such as kitchen extensions is directly related to your house type. Your house type will also define the type of home extension services you can avail, whether it is a side extension, rear extension, a combination of the two, or any other. Some of the most common types of houses are:


This is the most luxurious and most expensive type of house, primarily serving as a status symbol. Comprising a large estate, it is mostly located on heritage sites or other places of great historical significance. Its location makes it difficult, or in some cases, even impossible, to make any additions or extensions to the house.

Detached Houses

These are another house type with a price tag at the higher end. Detached houses are spacious with no shared walls, providing the highest level of privacy. Coming with an outdoor space, these offer much flexibility in adding as many luxury house extensions as one would desire.

Semi-Detached House

Semi-detached houses are separate houses sharing a wall and are identical in most cases. Although this type of house does come with an outdoor space and most probably even a garden, any extension project cannot be started without the approval of the neighbour the wall is being shared with.


These usually come in single storeys, with more conventional but spacious designs. Their prices are usually very high but only limited because most use cases are secondary or holiday homes. Many bungalows have their lofts converted into dormers to provide for more space.

End-of-Terrace House

This type of house is located at either end of a row of terraced houses. Therefore, these houses share only one wall, providing more privacy. Furthermore, end-of-terrace houses tend to have an outdoor space, allowing for certain types of house extensions.

Terraced Houses

This is a collection of houses built on a straight row, with both walls of the houses being shared. Privacy is very little, and prices are also lower than their end-of-terrace counterparts. The only form of extension that can be executed on terraced houses is loft conversion since these properties come without a garden.


This is the most popular choice of housing in the UK since it is the cheapest option. A flat is a residential space comprising a set of rooms (including a bathroom and a kitchen) built in blocks on each other. Flats offer no flexibility for extension.