Home Renovation in Kensington

Home Renovation in Kensington

We Elevate Your Lifestyle

Home renovation promises a fresh, serene living environment. Providing a seamless blend of spaciousness and comfort, it fulfils your planning and decoration needs, delightfully reflecting your taste. Our home renovation in Kensington can bring a marvellous change to your cherished property, making it more practical, inviting, and valuable.

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Enhance the Functionality of Your Property

A home renovation is a remarkable chance to customise your home as per your requirements. When planning for it, you can give a new touch to your walls, make your bedrooms more spacious, transform your idle room into a theatre, do amazing finishing to your basement and much more. Thus, with vast remodelling options, a residential renovation boosts your home’s practicality.

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Add to Your Property Value

Accompanied by added functionality, a home renovation in Kensington adds much value to your home. Upgraded kitchen, spacious living rooms, decorated walls, and the latest designs are the elements that make your residence strikingly captivating for potential buyers.

Reduce the Costs of Your Utilities

Another compelling advantage of your house renovation is a significant reduction in your utility bills. During full house renovation, you ensure better house ventilation and insulation, which makes your home more energy-efficient and saves you money on your bills.

Remarkable Change of Style

A home Refurbishment symbolises your taste for modern living. Adding the latest accessories to your baths and kitchens, placing decorative artefacts in your living spaces, and adorning your ceilings imply you’re keeping pace with the contemporary living style.

Breathe Freshness into Your Space

Whether you own a small 2 bed flat or a big terrace house, executing a full house renovation gives your living space a whole new life. You fix every weak spot in your lounge, living room, drawing room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor, patio, etc.

Each thing gets renewed, whether it’s a broken glass door, a rusty fence, a damaged wooden frame of your patio, and so on. These upgrades give an enhanced aesthetic look to your home and make it worth living for years.

Gives Personal Satisfaction

Last but not least, a home renovation stokes your internal satisfaction. From kitchen worktops to bathroom tiles and from drawing room furniture to lounge antiques, you plan everything as per your choice. You develop a feeling of contentment and love for the space you’re living in.

Revel in the Art of House Renovation

Renovations work like magic, transforming your property into an amazing living space. More space, greater aesthetics and added functionality are the vivid features they add to your home. 

Construct & Furnish London is home to certified professionals with years of experience in renovations. Whether you need a stylish look for your home or a classic aesthetic look, we are proficient in transforming your house to give it the look it deserves.


Home renovation is a complicated task that must be handed over to professional contractors. They have architects, engineers and interior designers who professionally deal with your project creating a masterpiece.

The estimated cost of your Victorian house renovation relies on the time duration, labour involved and the details of the renovation. For a more precise estimate, consult with our experts.

Being a client, you are the ultimate decisive body for the renovation. Not only can you help us explain each requirement detail, but your collaboration with us enables us to finish a project nicely.

Yes, for details, consult with our professionals or your local authorities.