Kitchen Fitters in Kensington

Kitchen Fitters in Richmond

Whether you have just bought a new house or have lived in the same place for decades, a place that needs constant attention is the kitchen. It’s the focal point of one’s house and life; therefore, it should be highly functional, tempting, and reflective of your identity.

Kitchen upgrades or reinforcement requires expert services from a trusted company that gauges its essence and sustains its position as the vital element of the home. Construct & Furnish is one such leading company delivering premium services via expert kitchen fitters in Kensington. We elevate your kitchen to perfection, ensuring the details are crafted to perfection.

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Revamp Your Kitchen by Hiring a Professional Kitchen Fitter

Professional kitchen fitters render your kitchen delightfully captivating. Let’s dive into the benefits of hiring our kitchen fitters:

A Merge of Craftsmanship & Personality

Our installers combine craftsmanship with expert advice, ensuring you get results that markedly depict your personality and taste. We diligently tend to your kitchen plan, especially if your kitchen is in an unusual shape.

Minimal Disruption

Our kitchen fitters install your kitchen in a matter of days, and you will face far less disruption. You’ll be free to continue with your everyday activities while we do our job.

A Higher Quality Professional Finish

Perfection is a standard for us. When you use our professional kitchen fitting services, you get a flawless finish the first time, and any snags that you’re unsatisfied with can be fixed at the fitting company’s expense with no further hassle.

What Is Included in Kitchen Installation?

  • Plumbing and Electrical Work: Our professionals can handle any plumbing or electrical work required during the renovation or construction of a new kitchen.
  • Flooring: If you’re getting a new floor, our experts will likely do it after completing the task of painting.
  • Unit Installation: Our installer will begin with the base units for the kitchen cabinets before proceeding to the wall units.
  • Worktops: These will be installed after the cabinets have been installed and will be trimmed to fit around hobs or sinks. At this point, your sink will most likely be fitted and linked.
  • Tiling: After installing the worktop, we will install the tiles.
  • Finishing Unit: Fitting cabinet doors, drawer fronts, plinths and cornices will be one of the final jobs done by our experts.
  • Appliances: Ovens, dishwashers, and any other appliances will be installed at the end.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Us

With our experience and a long list of satisfied customers, we are your ideal kitchen fitters in Richmond. Reach out today to discuss your requirements, receive a cost estimate, and take a step towards a more appealing kitchen.


Kitchen fitters will discard your old kitchen (if you ask). They will insert units and worktops of your choice, along with appliances, sinks, and taps.

Usually, it should be done in six weeks to redesign a whole kitchen from beginning to end.

Here are the five tips to choose the best kitchen fitter:

  • Search for a fitter with expertise.
  • Ascertain their qualification and certifications.
  • Go for references.
  • Read up on online reviews and ratings.
  • Pick a fitter that gives a guarantee.

Considering normal wear and tear, a well-built kitchen should last 10-15 years.