Kitchen Fitters in Wandsworth

kitchen fitters

Specialised kitchen fitting services by Construct & Furnish provide a pristine look to your kitchen, with every corner exuding shine, perfection and newness. It freshens up your cabins, walls, floors, and doors to reflect the uniqueness of the place. Added to these benefits are enhanced functionality and value, making your kitchen a captivating masterpiece.

Kitchen Fitters – We Master the Kitchen Art

Construct & Furnish houses skilled kitchen fitters who bring versatile kitchen designs to life. Their expertise extends beyond carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and aesthetics, ensuring every component, from cabinets to countertops and appliances, is meticulously installed.

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Essence of a Bespoke Kitchen

Kitchen planning and designing are of prime importance, involving precise measurements of the layout and space available for new installations. Our kitchen fitters compute the room’s length and width, the ceiling’s height and the available area for windows and doors.

Thus, the comprehensive assessment of all the parameters ensures that the latest installations complement the space and that finishes, furniture, and fittings match your style and needs.

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Get Rid of Messy Items

It’s time to say goodbye to old kitchen items; each item is removed efficiently with minimum damage, and the worn-out items are disposed of appropriately.

Project Your Choice on Your Walls

We meticulously organise cabins, appliances and other culinary items and set the desired backdrop for culinary creativity. Our team utilises special damp proof and plastering materials to restore the walls’ strength before adding intricate patterns and colours via paint or tiles, adding a customised touch to your cooking corner.

Make Your Ceiling Dazzling

We can add a catchy glare via ceiling lights. By installing a variety of lights like under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, and pendant lights, our kitchen fitters in Wandsworth make every corner of the kitchen shine.

Focus on Your Floor Aesthetics

The floor holds functional and aesthetic value in your kitchen. Floor preparation is intended for laying suitable tiles for fine finishing. It also includes rectifying damaged floor areas and eliminating potential spots for future leaks.

Make Adjustments for Functional Items

This phase involves installing cabinets as per planned measurements. We finish the cabinets with doors, drawers, hardware, and the chosen trim or decorative features. Other important electrical appliances, like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, etc., are installed at the designated places.

Meticulous Worktops Installations

Worktops stand unique to symbolise the true colours of your personal choice. Our installers take laser measurements for well-planned installations of the worktops, working as per your preferences.

Final Cleaning and Inspection

In this last phase, they give final touch-ups and ascertain if everything is adjusted appropriately to deliver you the feel of elegance you expected.

Transforming Kitchens Beyond Aesthetics

Our kitchen fitting services add elegance, functionality and technology to your space, enabling you to add elements of your choice and create a pristine and comfortable cooking area. We undertake the latest approach to making your kitchen project a masterpiece. Contact our specialists and enjoy your well-furnished, bespoke kitchens.


There is no specific answer. It depends on the material type and quality used and the labour involved. Generally, a well-furnished kitchen costs you £30,000 to £50,000. Consult with our expert kitchen fitters in Wandsworth for a more precise estimate.

Yes, we remove your old kitchen fittings and dispose of unwanted items appropriately.

The time needed for a new kitchen fitting varies depending on the complexity of the tasks, and you can expect a time frame of around six weeks. However, our experts work diligently to deliver the completed project within the agreed timeline.

We have a trusted team of contractors to carry out all your kitchen installations. Our engineers, interior designers, plumbers and electricians are certified to carry out their relevant field tasks.