43 Sichuan Kitchen

Sichuan’s Spirit in the Heart of London

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The Final Result

The 43 Sichuan Kitchen in London epitomizes the fusion of modern design with Chinese cultural influences, making it a prime example of our work at Construct & Furnish. This space, meticulously crafted, demonstrates an extraordinary blend of colors, lighting, and design features. It stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and high standards, catering to those who seek a unique and delightful experience in both aesthetics and functionality. It’s a perfect illustration of how our expertise can bring a vision to life, appealing to clients who demand excellence in every detail.

Planning & Execution Phase

The design of 43 Sichuan Kitchen, a collaborative masterpiece by Construct & Furnish and Casa Design, masterfully integrates modern and traditional Chinese elements to authentically represent contemporary Chinese culture. This harmonious partnership brought to life a vision that extends from ceiling to floor, emphasizing Casa Design’s innovative concept and Construct & Furnish’s precision in execution. Together, we focused on turning imaginative designs into tangible, stunning realities, marked by seamless finishes, harmonious color palettes, and strategically placed lighting. This project stands as a benchmark for collaborative success in creating spaces that are both culturally resonant and aesthetically superior.

Designed By : Casa Design

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