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Patios in Richmond

A busy routine demands a calm space to spend some tranquil moments at home. Fortunately, a patio renders a practical outlet to relieve mental and physical exhaustion, relaxing your soul.

An open sky, lush green grass and the soothing ambience of patio light leave a healing impact on your nerves. Such a corner built at the back or front of your home demands expert builders who give you access to trusted patio installation services.

Construct & Furnish London dives into the details of what is involved in patio construction and how it can be a significant step for your home.

Multiple Aspects of a Patio

Convert Your Vision into a Design

Designing and planning are key to a well-constructed patio. The critical parameters include boundary measurement, amenities placement, assessing the client’s requirements and preferences, and budget analysis by our installers.

Depict Your Personality in the Craft

The next concern is the material selection. Several options are available, including concrete, tiles, natural stone, etc. Durability, elegance, and maintenance cost are the prominent factors considered.

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Get Meticulous Patio Installation

Meticulous installation involves excavation, levelling the ground, and laying the selected materials.

Be Creative with Custom Features

Having a patio constructed as per your choice is the pinnacle of the process providing a customised patio in Richmond. Built-in seating, furniture style, flooring, etc. are the primary factors considered.

Ensure Durability with Repair and Maintenance

Patio repair and maintenance are the key services associated with patio construction. Our patio contractors in Richmond fix the cracks, replace the floor, and restore damaged materials.

Unbeatable Advantages of Patio

Added Monetary Value

Investing in a patio, such as a concrete patio or patio pavers, is a wise decision that adds functionality and aesthetics to your home. Ultimately, a patio brings more revenue upon selling your property.

An Enjoyable and Peaceful Corner

A patio is a serene and welcoming corner to enjoy your evenings with your loved ones or alone, with hot tea and snacks. It’s also where you can arrange gatherings to treasure your moments with friends and family.

Significantly Reduced Costs

Acting as a multi-purpose place, it eliminates the need to make special arrangements for your guests. Also, sitting on the patio, you can enjoy the warmth of sunlight in winter and the chill of the breeze in the spring.

Creates Beautiful Memories

Nice gatherings around patios help you make some beautiful memories to cherish. Scrumptious meals, chilled drinks and funny chatter are what you may recall for years.

Customised Solutions for Outdoor Charm

A patio in your residence is an epicentre for enjoyment, relaxation, fun talks, suppers and evening tea. Construct & Furnish London provides customised patios in Richmond, helping you enjoy some relaxing moments in a serene corner of your residence. You can connect with us through our page or contact number. We will be glad to help.


No, the quality of your patio will vary with the type of material used. Our contractors can construct your patio in Richmond as per your demands, delivering the best quality.

The minimum concrete patio cost is £15 – £70 per square metre; however, it’s not a final price. For a precise estimate, consult patio contractors in Richmond near you.

It depends on the nature of the job and the size of your patio. Generally, it takes two days to complete a small patio of 10 square metres by our company.

No. Generally, replacing, renovating and constructing a patio does not require planning permission.

Being one of the most experienced contractors in Richmond, we provide a range of services, from patio construction and maintenance to replacement.