Adding Value to Your Home Without Increasing Square Footage

loft conversion

Making alterations to your house by changing its square foot is a guaranteed way to add value to your property. However, many people look for ways that don’t require increasing square footage to enhance the aesthetic and monetary value of their homes. This blog will discuss the variety of ways, both major and minor, to make your house more worthy and appealing to buyers.

The most practical and efficient ways to add value to your home are the following:

Loft Conversion

A loft conversion is the most common and preferred way to raise the value of your house and maximise the space without increasing square footage. For those who are unaware, a loft conversion is the repurposing of vacant attic space into a usable one. It can significantly impact the value of your house because it adds a room where there would have otherwise only been storage.

Establish Open-Plan Areas

For a considerable amount of time, open-plan living areas have dominated the construction industry. Their major benefit is that they enable households and families to live a more unified lifestyle, which can enhance their feeling of well-being. Furthermore, it’s also a great method to increase the natural light entering your home and create flow throughout your house. Buyers are willing to pay more for such kind of property due to their numerous benefits.

Install Bifold Doors

Adding bi-fold doors is an amazing way to create a physical and visual link between both indoor and outdoor spaces, and it also brings natural light into the house. Investing in these doors can provide you with a significant payback when selling your house. 


Whether you just want to add value to your house or looking to sell it, there are multiple ways to do it.

Here are three methods to begin:

Replace any Damaged or Loose Wall Tiles

In addition to being unsightly, damaged tiles can make a room appear more disorganised. You can replace the tiles yourself or get assistance. As an alternative, speak with an interior designer to get some unique tiling ideas for repurposing your area.

Loft Conversion


Although this may not sound like a significant change, it’s remarkable what can be achieved with a fresh coat of paint. Refreshing wall painting can give your house a new look, increasing its value.

Change Outdated Door Locks, Handles, and Knobs

Although there isn’t much we can do to stop door locks, knobs, and handles from rusting over time, replacing them can make a huge change if you want to increase the value of your house.

Handle the Structural Issues

When you plan to revamp your house, it’s crucial to look over the little things, such as interior design and any structural problems, which will significantly add value to your house.

The common structural issues to address include:

Cracked Walls

In addition to being ugly, cracked in walls tend to get deeper if they remain untreated. You can solve the problem yourself or hire a professional to do the job. It is recommended to hire a structural engineer as he can provide experienced advice on the condition of the structure and can ensure that all the cracks are securely filled in.


If you have a shaky chimney, fixing it can make your house more worthy. Whether you want to rebuild it or remove it to add more space, either way, your property will attract more buyers.


This may seem simple, but leaks are often ignored, and letting them seep away can cause serious damage to your house. Although it might not be a glamorous change, remodelling your plumbing could have a significant impact on your daily activities. Not to mention, it will save you a tonne of money on structural repairs.

pipe leak

Take Care of Your Heating System

The importance of fixing central heating issues and keeping the system operating smoothly cannot be overlooked. Raising your home’s EPC rating and addressing the energy efficiency issues can surely increase your house’s worth. Moreover, it will also reduce your electricity bills, saving you money.

You can improve energy efficiency in the following way:


Increasing the insulation in your home is one of the most effective methods to make it more energy efficient. This entails maintaining your home’s structural integrity, maintaining heat during the winter, and using less energy to heat your house.


One of the most common ways for heat to exit a home is through windows with insufficient glazing. It is advised to install double glazing to avoid heat escape, or you can also consider window refitting. Since efficiency is becoming a more important factor to potential buyers, this can also increase the price of your house.

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