House Extensions in Kensington

House Extensions in Kensington

House extensions help create extra space for your home and improve the quality of life. A rightly done house extension adds value to your property and ensures compliance with all the associated regulations of a construction project.

Construct & Furnish London hosts professional extension builders, providing expert services of house extensions in Kensington. Our experience helps us undertake and accomplish the projects smoothly. We work tirelessly to attain high-end results for any type of home extension.

We Create Exceptional House Extensions

The professionals at our company are well-qualified and experienced to undertake several types of home extensions. These include:

Single Storey Extensions

Helping you every step of the way, we can give you the best advice regarding the options and designs available for single-storey extensions. These are most commonly used for kitchen extensions in older properties and are the type that offers greater flexibility in design, making them popular among UK residents.

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Double Storey Extensions

Making the stressful and daunting process of double extension easy for you, our team can bring wonders to your home. It is a beautiful way to add more space to your home, creating extra room on both levels. Mostly seen on period properties, this extension allows the space to be used as a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Side Extensions

Side extensions allow you to modify the unused space into a living space for relaxation, entertainment, or any other purpose. They wonderfully expand your home’s width, transforming the small claustrophobic space into a sizeable area.

Rear Extensions

Rear extensions allow you to benefit fully from the external space and boost the internal capacity by integrating both areas. These extensions significantly increase living rooms by incorporating the outside space into your home indoors.

L-Shaped or Wrap-Around Extensions

Wrap-around extensions help add a modern look to your existing property, adding a contemporary architectural touch. These extensions facilitate the entry of a large amount of natural sunlight, reinventing and brightening your living space. Combining the side and rear extensions, we make your home’s additional space more inviting.

Over-Structure House Extensions

These extensions are suitable for homes with a garage or single-storey extension as these are built on top of the existing structures. These help in adding an extra double bedroom or bathroom, increasing your home’s value.

Adding Extensions to Different Home Types

The UK has a rich architectural heritage, constituting a vast array of house types reflecting history and regional diversity. We provide luxury house extensions for different home types, which come with various benefits:

An appropriately done extension will add value to your semi-detached house and save you from the stress of moving out. You can keep it simple with the single-story extension, which may extend to the rear or side.

Extensions help increase outdoor space utilisation of your detached house with an added living area. It comes with the option of remodelling your home for extra storage or additional bathrooms. A wrap-around extension is the ideal pick for a detached home, offering substantial added space to the property.

Opting for extensions in a bungalow increases the living space and allows you to design your home as you want. A range of options are available in this case, from side and rear extensions to dormer and second-storey extensions.

Extensions help add extra living space while keeping the original building’s façade of your Victorian house intact. It allows you to add creativity and a modern touch to your home. Side return and rear extensions are the most common choices for a Victorian house.

Adding extensions to your terraced house is a great way to increase the living space and accommodate your family’s growing requirements. It also helps incorporate more natural light into the home and increases your home’s value. An ideal option for a terraced house is a side return or rear extension to utilise the empty space.

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House extension allows you to add bigger living quarters to your existing property rather than moving home. This way, it saves you from the stress of hunting a new house and all the hassle of moving into a new home.

Opting for a house extension gives you complete autonomy in deciding on the additional space’s functionality as per your family’s requirements. You can convert the extra space into a bedroom, bathroom, study area, lounge, or utility room.

Wrap-around extensions are specifically suitable for period properties having alley space. But they are also a popular choice of extension for detached homes to increase their living space with added length and width.

The cost varies from £1,250 to £1,800 per m2 for a standard bungalow extension. However, this cost ranges from £2,600 to £4,000 per m2 for a more premium quality extension.