Kitchen Fitters in Fulham

Kitchen Fitters in Fulham

The centre of all activities, your home’s kitchen should contain all the essential components that enhance its functionality and aesthetics. A kitchen requires different types of fittings, each having its own installation requirements and careful handling.

Helping you convert your plans into reality, Construct & Furnish London’s professional kitchen fitters let you visualise your dream kitchen without disturbing your daily routine to a great extent. We are a one-stop service provider with expert kitchen fitters in Fulham, efficiently dealing with all kitchen designs and styles.

Things We Can Fit in Your Kitchen

Our kitchen fitters specialise in installing all the essential components required in a kitchen to make it fully functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Installing Kitchen Cupboards to Add More Storage

Replacing your old-fashioned, rusted, or damaged kitchen cupboards, our fitters assist you in installing modern ones. They provide you with more storage options and give your kitchen a stylish, sleek, and ultra-modern look.

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Adding Kitchen Worktops to Augment the Kitchen’s Aesthetics

To make your kitchen look luxurious, we can install natural stone, solid stone, quartz, granite, laminated or any other worktops, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and providing a smooth finish to your kitchen.

Replacing Sink and Taps

Our fitters prefer and efficiently install stainless steel sinks, but if you want to add a granite, quartz, or stone sink, we assist in that too. Whether it is a single tub sink or a one-and-a-half sink you pick for installation, our installers can help you with the process.

Our team is experienced in installing different types of taps, including mixer taps, filter taps, single lever taps, and twin lever taps, allowing you to rinse baking trays, large trays, and pans.

Equipping Your Kitchen with Appliances

Having professional expertise in installing free-standing and integrated appliances, our fitters give a complete look to your kitchen. We can help you install all types of appliances, including dishwashers, fridge freezers, hobs, ovens, and refrigerators, to give your kitchen a fantastic, luxurious, premium, and sleek look.

Making Your Kitchen Vibrant with Splashbacks and Wall Tiles

Adding splashbacks makes the vertical space of your kitchen look best with an extra covering over the top of the paint that enhances the style, warmth and colours. In addition, we can install all types of tiles, from brick-shaped to square tiles, to give your kitchen a composite and vibrant look.

Installing Ceiling and Lighting to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

To perk up your kitchen, we may add LED and fluorescent tube lights and illuminate the worktops. Proper lighting invigorates the space and adds charm to it. We can also replace the artex or old-fashioned ceiling with a modern plaster-skimmed one to achieve the desired ambience.

Adding Electrical Sockets to Enhance Your Kitchen’s Functionality

Helping you resolve the issue of insufficient electrical sockets, our kitchen fitters can install more sockets to fulfil the required number of power points for your appliances. Installing the sockets near your appliances enhances your kitchen’s functionality and convenience.

Improving Your Kitchen’s Appeal with Flooring Installation

Replacing or adding new flooring to your kitchen is a challenging task that our installers can do efficiently. Be it new ceramic or porcelain tiles, laminated floors, hardwood, or any other kind of flooring, we ensure an even finish without leaving holes or bare patches.

Why Kitchen Fitters of Construct & Furnish London?

We offer customised solutions tailored to your requirements and specifications. Providing excellent customer service, we work closely with our clients throughout the process, from consultation to final finishing.

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To hire a reliable and skilled kitchen fitting company, you should check for its accreditation & certifications, experience & expertise, insurance & guarantees, and previous work.

Depending on your property’s location and job’s complexity, kitchen fitters charge £141 to £264 per day.

Depending on the kitchen size and complexity of work, it usually takes 3 to 5 days to fit a kitchen.

The best time of the year to hire kitchen fitters is during winter, as contractors offer special promotions during those days.