House Renovation in Fulham


House refurbishment and renovation have become massively popular lately across the UK. They involve updating your kitchen, remodelling your bathroom, converting your roof, and involve several other benefits.

Construct & Furnish London delivers specialised house renovation services in Fulham, expertly handling the technical considerations and challenges through professional hands to achieve your desired goals.

The Charm of House Renovation

Save the Moving Cost with Expert Renovations

Opting for house renovation is a way to save the costs associated with selling your house and moving to a new house since the main structure is already constructed. House renovation allows you to upgrade your home with fewer disruptions in your daily routine.

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Augment Your Property Value

Adding value to your property makes a home renovation project a worthy investment. Upgrading your home makes it modern and updated according to the market requirements, thus increasing your home’s asking price and helping you get more resale value.

Improve Life Quality and Comfort

Enhancing the practicality of your house, renovation allows you to add staircases, change your living room, or convert an attic space into a functional area. Increasing the living space can significantly improve the quality of your life with added comfort and enjoyment. It also helps you declutter your home and adjust different things in different places where they fit appropriately.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

House renovation can improve your home’s energy efficiency, helping you lower the energy bills. It allows you to double-glaze your doors and windows and add layers of insulation to your ceiling and walls.

A Way to Increase Your Home Space

While renovating your house, you can convert your basement and garage into a living space, providing you with an extra area to accommodate your family or an opportunity to rent out that room for some extra income. There are countless options to effectively utilise the extra space in your home; you can convert the unused area into a gym, study room, home office, nursery, store room, or any other place of your choice.

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Having extensive experience in dealing with various kinds of renovations, Construct & Furnish London has established a strong reputation, as evident from the customer reviews and testimonials. By providing insured and fully licensed services, we ensure:

  • Legal compliance
  • Competitive pricing
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Your project’s nature and your preferences determine if you need to move out. However, small-scale renovation projects constitute minimum disruptions and inconveniencies, being limited to some specific areas of the home, allowing you to stay in your home and save full house renovation costs.

Your project requirements decide the time you need. Smaller renovation projects, such as remodelling, take several days, but a few months or more are needed to efficiently complete the larger projects, including full house renovation.

Yes, Construct & Furnish London provides design services, helping you plan and visualise your house renovation project. Whether it is a two-bed flat, a Victorian house, or a terraced house, we employ blueprints or 3D renderings for design recommendations.

We are well versed with all the rules and regulations associated with the house renovation. We can help you throughout the procedure to obtain the required approvals and permits for your home renovation project. Handling the paperwork and liaising with the authorities are the areas we are experts in, thus leading to compliance with all the relevant laws.