House Extensions in Fulham

house extensions

In the emerging trend of home improvements, house extensions have grown as a powerful technique for adding value to properties and expanding living spaces. These skilfully built extensions, be it a spacious living room, a kitchen extension, or an additional bedroom, breathe new life into homes.

Luxury house expansions, when carried out by experts, serve as a blank canvas for ideas of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, resulting in a balanced blend of the old and the new structure.

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Varieties of House Extensions We Provide

Front House Extension

Extending your home’s front provides the significant advantage of preserving your back garden. This extension type can be utilised to build a new bedroom, expand your living room, or simply add a porch. This extension, however, will be subject to planning permission as it would be observable from the street level.

Side House Extension

This extension, located on the side of your house (as you assumed), is an excellent option for anyone wishing to make use of an unsightly alleyway space. It can be utilised to level off the back of your house and create a small new addition that completely transforms the area. Despite their modest size, these powerful extensions have been used to create some genuinely remarkable open-plan kitchen diners.

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Rear House Extensions

Extending the back of your house is a very common option among homeowners. The rear extension is a highly versatile expansion that can be utilised to generate all types of space and is frequently used to enlarge your dining or living areas. Moreover, you may also create a utility room, a new ground-floor bedroom, a playroom, or a home office.

Flat-pack House Extensions

Flat-pack house additions are relatively newbies to the residential setting, although they have grown in popularity in recent years. Primarily built off-site, they have a far shorter construction duration and are a cost-effective method to extend your home. However, because many flat-pack homes provide little to no personalisation or customisation options, you may miss out on one of the primary benefits of a home extension: having a home tailored to your choice.

Semi-Detached House Extension

There are numerous extension types to consider if you reside in a semi-detached home. With only a single side of your house connected to a neighbour, your architect can enlarge your house without creating any party wall issues or interfering with the privacy of your neighbours. When you consider this extension, you can also get the advantage of permitted development rights, which can be helpful in the planning stage.

Terraced House Extensions

Extending a terraced property can be daunting, but you need not fret. Although you must consider your neighbours’ privacy, you will still have a lot of architectural freedom. Of course, you must be mindful that your extension project will most likely influence the boundary of your neighbours or a shared wall.

Different Types of Houses

Terraced: The iconic and most well-known house types that save a lot of space.

Best extensions for terraced houses are single-storey rear and double-storey rear extensions.

Victorion House: Normally has 2-3 stories with round towers and gabled roofs.

Best extensions for Victorion houses are side extensions.

Bungalows: Usually single-storey houses that are detached from surrounding structures.

Best extensions for bungalows are dormer loft conversions and roof lift.

Maisonette: Looks like a flat covering two floors.

Best extensions for maisonette houses are dormer loft conversions.

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Your house extension project must be approved by building regulations even if it is under permitted development rights. 

The building regulations provide minimum requirements for the following:

  • Ventilation
  • Structural stability
  • Fire safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Damp proofing

You have a number of options to select from when it comes to the design of your extensions:

These are some examples:

  • Specialist designers
  • Architectural technicians
  • Architects

A normal extension project typically takes 8-10 weeks to build, with an additional 6-8 weeks to install all necessary facilities and add important finishing touches.

The cost majorly depends on the type of project; for instance, in the case of a basement extension, the cost can range from £100k-£120k, while for a garage extension it may fall in between £8.5k-£20k.