House Extensions in Chelsea

House Extensions Chelsea

House extensions provide the best solutions for houses facing space shortage. Building house extension is the idea that can change the entire look of your home and interior space, saving you from the hassle of house hunting and moving to a new home.

House extensions in Chelsea are a desirable method to utilise the extra space to create something purposeful. Allowing space and light to elevate the home aesthetics and design, it brings more functionality to your existing structure and infuses your living environment with a breath of fresh air.

Types of House Extensions

The most popular types of house extensions include:

  • Rear extension
  • Single-storey extension
  • Double-storey extension
  • Side extension
  • L-shaped extension
  • Over-structure extension
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Extension Ideas for More Space

We provide you with some ideas to help you choose the luxury house extension that suits you best:

  • Add a Porch: If your front door opens into the lounge, a porch extension can wonderfully create more space.
  • Extend your Living Room: If you have extra space next to the living room, break down the wall and use the extra space to extend your living room.
  • Create a Walkway Between a Garage and the Home: Linking the areas of the property can be very helpful, such as by creating a covered walkway. It is both aesthetic and functional.
  • Use Lightwell to Transform the Basement: A dark basement can be transformed into a lit-up and airy space by opening it to a courtyard or garden. With a colourful interior and furniture, it will be everyone’s favourite room.
  • Add a Bay Window: To enlarge the room, add an extension as a projecting bay window, allowing natural light to pass.
  • Add Glass to Ceiling: Consider the addition of glass along the ceiling. It’s a great way to give your room a spacious look; more light comes in, and it’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • Add a Conservatory: The addition of a conservatory allows us to expand the living space, and there will also be no need to apply for permission.
  • Create an Orangery: It provides better insulation if solid walls and roof are added with a glazed lantern on top; orangery provides an appropriate balance between an extension and a conservatory.
  • Use oak to Create a Frame: Made out of a pitched roof and vaulted ceiling, an oak frame means extending the home into a single room. It’s great for hosting the evening, where guests can enjoy both the outdoors and indoors.
  • Create Glazed Extension: Glazed extensions are the rage now. Glazing the rear or side home extension will allow light to pass and give the sense of expanded space.

Housing Styles You Can Pick From

The UK has seen various house types and property styles so far.

Georgian Style Houses

Side return extensions can beautifully connect indoor and outdoor spaces in Georgian-style houses. Greek and Roman architectural principles of proportion and symmetry influence these houses.

Victorian Terraced Houses

Victorian architecture features iconic terraced houses serving the middle and working classes. Rear or side extensions are viable options for the extra space in Victorian terraced houses.

Edwardian Houses

The Edwardian era brought about wider, semi-detached houses with bay windows on each floor. Adding a double-storey extension is the perfect way to generate more living space in Edwardian houses.

Modern Houses

Famous from the 1950s onwards are typically large, detached homes characterised by floor-to-ceiling glazing and materials often seen in commercial construction. We have the option of adding any extensions to modern houses.

Cottage Houses

These quaint homes were initially situated in rural settings but can now be found in urban areas, including large towns and cities. Glass extensions are the most popular house extensions in Chelsea.

Construct and Furnish – Extension Builders

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On detached properties, you can extend your home approximately 8m from the existing house. For other types, you can stretch up to 6m.

Considering all the available options, the typical house extension cost per m2 may typically lie between £40,000 and £60,000.

If you have the space in the side or back of the house, then you may extend your new floor over it.

To reduce your kitchen extension costs, you can:

  • Opt for cheaper materials.
  • Reuse items that are in good condition.
  • Opting for a less complex project, such as repainting or refacing existing cabinets.