Builders in Hammersmith

Builders in Hammersmith

Whatever dreamy building transformation you have in your mind, share it with us. Construct & Furnish London crafts magical spaces to give your vision the concrete form it deserves. We work collaboratively with clients to ensure the smoothest transition from planning and design to construction and post-construction phases.

We have built extensions, basements, and loft conversions and have carried out kitchen renovations and complete house refurbishments across the region. Housing the finest builders in Hammersmith, we provide specialised building services for commercial and residential properties, duly emphasising client inspirations and needs.

Residential Building Services

Our residential services include construction, renovation and refurbishment.

House Extensions

We can add extensions to augment your home’s functionality and space. Helping you throughout the process, from planning to execution, our extension builders will survey and recommend the type of extension your precious home requires.

Loft and Garage Conversions

Increasing your home space without getting a new house is the most impressive and budget-friendly idea—transforming an unwanted area into something useful. Let us help you to convert it into something magical with creativity and planning.

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Commercial Building Services

We can build customised commercial spaces depending on the client’s requirements. We can do construction of offices, restaurants, shopping malls, cocktail bars, coffee shops and hotels.

Retail Store:

For those businesses that personally sell their goods and services to the buyers, starting from small shops, departmental stores, etc., we design the stores according to the customer’s demand.

Office Buildings:

The basic structure used for offices and business-related activities can range from one single-storey building to a massive tower. It depends upon the company’s choice.


Businesses that prepare and serve consumers’ food and beverages range from cute little cafes to huge banquet halls. We designed the restaurant by focusing on appearance and functionality.


Ranging in size, from small inns to large resorts, they are the most luxury buildings that require much creativity and planning.

Decorating and Fitting Services

Once you are done with construction, there will be requirement of an interior designer to provide remodelling services and transform your place into something magnificent.


We provide expert kitchen fitting services via quality craftsmanship and professional advice and assistance. Our experienced building contractors will assist you in designing your dream kitchen and perform professional installations to offer you a kitchen you can be proud of.


While used for personal hygiene, bathrooms are a place of relief and ease. Bathroom fittings can change the look and bring fresh and stylish aesthetics. Offering diverse benefits, they aim for functional upgrading and enhance your home’s value.


Decorating a home is the best way to alter the look of your property. We provide a wide range of decorating services that can be fully customised according to your property’s requirements.

Construct & Furnish – Connect with Us

Construct & Furnish is your ideal choice for expert builders in Hammersmith. Keeping up with the latest trends, we aim to provide highly functional, aesthetic, and economical solutions.

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When we talk about construction, the superstructure is the most vital portion, followed by the base and flooring.

Due to inflation and the rise in the cost of construction materials, general builders are under much pressure, so it’s difficult to say that building costs can go down.

Stone and steel are two most robust building materials. While stone is the most durable one, steel has a high strength to weight ratio, keeping your building protected from natural disasters.