Loft Conversions in Richmond

Loft Conversions in Richmond

A loft conversion is a pleasant metamorphosis, getting you numerous benefits. It enables you to enjoy a pristine space, a peaceful corner, and a practical space without significant investment.

All it requires is careful planning to convert your dark attic into a purposeful living area. Construct & Furnish London delves into some significant types you can avail for your beloved home.

Loft Conversion Types

Roof Light Loft Conversion

It’s the cheapest way to add a loft to your property, giving you sufficient head height. Being simple in construction, these lofts do not require making any alterations to the pitch or shape of the roof. You just have to add skylight windows, a decent floor and a staircase, and it’s done. You have given your home a welcoming and new lively space.

Dormer Loft Conversion

These lofts may seem marginally more expensive, but the spacious room they give you duly compensates for your investment. There are further options for a dormer loft conversion:

  • Single dormer loft conversion
  • Double or full-width dormer loft conversion
  • Flat-roofed dormer loft conversion
  • Gabled dormer loft conversion
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L-shaped Loft Conversion

An L-shaped loft conversion is the perfect solution for a great living space if your property has been extended at the rear. This conversion comes with versatile usage options like a bedroom and a separate bathroom or more storage space.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

This loft conversion is the best option for semidetached houses or ones with a sloping side roof. This conversion allows you to enjoy greater space by extending the sloping ‘hip’ at the side of a house outwards and upwards, which ends up forming a ‘gable’ side wall.

Mansard Loft Conversion

If you’re willing to alter the look of your roof, consider constructing mansard loft conversions. It involves replacing the roof’s slope with a wall, typically at 72 degrees. The end result is a flat roof. Another prominent feature of mansard loft conversion is that it fits with all types of property.

Modular Loft Conversion

Also known as pre-fab loft conversions, these are ready-made, often with steel frames and can be swiftly installed, saving you a plethora of time. You can order for such a loft conversion by making your unique selection of windows, door, electrics and bathroom.

Salient Benefits of Loft Conversions

Enjoy Extended Living Space

This is the prime and obvious advantage of a loft conversion. A loft conversion gives you a feasible space to make a comfortable bedroom, construct a kitchen to enjoy your cuisine, have a private sanctuary, or transform the space into an exciting gym.

Enhance Property Value

A worthwhile loft conversion magnifies your property’s value up to 20%, proving to be a profitable investment. Selling it gets you a handsome revenue from potential buyers.

Make It Energy Efficient

Another overlooked advantage of a loft conversion is its energy efficiency. Constructing a loft conversion entails installing insulation that regulates your home’s temperature, keeping it warmer in the winter and vice versa.

Forgo House Relocation

A house relocation is a tiresome and costly activity. You have to bear relocation expenses, stamp duty, removal costs, legal fees and potential renovations. By constructing a loft, you can easily escape this laborious activity while enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your existing home.

Add Natural Light – An Additional Perk

Lofts can turn your attic into a natural-light-filled space, making it more comfortable for your reading activities. Also, it makes your room cosier in winter, bringing in a relaxing warmth.

Skip Planning Permission

If planned well, most of the loft conversions can be easily constructed without requiring planning permission, as they fall under permitted development rights.

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Adding a loft conversion to your home gives your property a unique touch of style, elegance and aesthetics. It also allows you more space to utilise as per your requirements. Contact our company for the best services for loft conversions in Richmond at competitive rates.


The duration varies with the type of loft. Generally, it takes from 6-8 weeks.

Most loft conversions fall under permitted development rights, so you do not need planning permission until certain conditions are met.

Yes, discuss with our specialists; they will build loft conversions per your needs.

Yes, we have images and videos of our well-accomplished loft conversions in Richmond that can give you an overview of our quality services.