Loft Conversions in Sutton

loft conversion sutton

A loft conversion is an effective home renovation solution that transforms dark attics into spacious, bright living areas. Investing in a loft conversion allows you to uplift your property’s aesthetic and monetary value, making it an ideal choice for homebuyers.

A loft conversion provides you with great flexibility in choices, ranging from a bedroom, kitchen, and play area to a gym, music room or as you like.

Construct & Furnish London promises well-furnished loft conversions in Sutton. Our specialists work dedicatedly to deliver your preferred loft designs and colours. Connect with us and give life to your home upgrade ideas.

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Uplift Your Property Splendidly

Lofts are a great choice for enhancing the functional, aesthetic and financial value of your home:

Increased Living Space: A loft conversion adds considerable liveable space to your home, allowing you to manage your storage and accommodation needs more smartly.

Adds Modern Touch: Lofts add a contemporary touch to your property, letting you manifest your taste in chic designs and ideas.

Saves Costs and Moving Hassle: Deftly designed loft conversions accommodate the latest lifestyle amenities and eliminate the hassle of moving and its associated expenses.

Enhaced Value: A loft is a source of more space, light, air, and enhanced aesthetics. All these features, accumulatively, augment the potential value of your property.

No Need for Planning Permission: Lofts allow you to enjoy a range of benefits without bearing the pain of the planning permission process.

Enjoy a Versatile New Space

A loft conversion is a splendid addition to your property that you can use in many ways:

  • You can use it as a comfortable bedroom for your guests.
  • A loft can be transformed into a stylish bathroom for cosy showers.
  • Lofts can be used as a modern kitchen for culinary adventures.
  • You can create a small and peaceful home library in your loft.
  • Need to arrange all your clothes? Make your loft a walk-in wardrobe and dressing room.
  • You can install hanging swings, add fun activities, and make it an enjoyable game room for your kids.
  • A loft is also a good option for a small home-based office.
  • A loft allows you to have an airy home gym for your exercise.
  • Last but not least, you can use your loft to organise your storage items.


Choose What You Like

There are several types of loft conversions you can choose as per your needs and suitability for your home.

Roof Light Loft Conversions: This is the most economical option for a loft conversion. It provides sufficient head height with less effort, time and cost compared to other extensions.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions: It is the best and only option if your property has a free-sloping side roof. This loft is usually built with a rear dormer to make more space available.

L-Shaped Loft Conversions: L-shaped lofts are distinctive for connecting two dormer structures into a single one. These lofts provide plenty of configuration options for bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

Mansard Loft Conversions: These lofts are typically built at the rear of the properties and exhibit a horizontal roof with a 72-degree vertical back wall. Mansard lofts are usually installed in terraced homes.

Dormer Loft Conversions: A dormer loft is an extended structure that is erected at 90 degrees against your floor. This is a preferable option for houses of Victorian, Georgian and pre-war eras.

Enjoy Greater Benefits at Competitive Costs

Planning for lofts is a smart yet long-term investment that remarkably transforms your property’s look and value, making it more cherishable and amusing.

Construct & Furnish London is the leading company promising premium services for loft conversions in Sutton. Connect with our specialists and convert your attics into functional units, meeting your expectations.


The time required to complete a loft depends on the type of loft. Yet, generally, it takes around 6-10 weeks.

The loft conversion cost fluctuates with the type of loft, the labour involved, and the amenities needed. Usually, the average cost for a loft conversion is around £40,000. For a precise quote, connect with our experts.

The minimum height to convert your loft is 2.3 metres from the ceiling joists to the bottom of the apex.

Sure, our experts deliver what you expect. Discuss your ideas with us, and let us give you the desired results.