Home Bar – Ideas, Locations & Tips (Think Out of The Box)

Ideas for Home Bar

A cocktail-loving person desires a dedicated space for bottles and glassware in the form of a home bar. Along with storing these essentials in a neat space, a home bar adds to the sense of occasion. You can make an elegant bar at home with all the essential things required for making cocktails and other drinks. You can design a space based on your preferences and add anything to make it more stylish and appealing.

With this guide, you can explore the best ideas to create different types of home bars and the best locations to install one on your property. Some additional tips are also given at the end of this article, which helps enhance the functionality of your home bar.

Best Ideas for Home Bar

The following are some of the best ideas for creating your home bar with added entertainment, such as:

Alcove Bar

If you have a spare nook in your home, it can be one of the great options for setting up a small bar. You can install a cabinet at the bottom and a work surface shelf on top with added lighting. Moreover, you can organise the bottles in a pretty tray and place a champagne bucket on the worktop to keep things cool.

Alcove Bar

Bar Cart

A cart is the perfect option for making an elegant and tempting home bar. You can use a cart of any style, either a glass cart or a wooden cart, and make it colourful by placing small decoration pieces. Moreover, you can also decorate it with fairy lights to enlighten the cart with greater affordability.

cart bar

Bookshelf Bar

You can install some glass or wooden shelves in a small space for storing and displaying wine bottles and glasses. It would help to keep the bottles and glasses at mid-height so that you can access them quickly at any time without any risk of breakage. Moreover, placing a tray under the bottles on the shelf would be best to avoid staining the shelves.

Bookshelf Bar

Cabinet Bar

You do not need to worry if you do not have any dedicated space to convert into a bar because you can even use a cabinet or sideboard for this purpose. You can convert a cabinet into a low-maintenance bar by adding creativity with surface installation on top and using the cabinet as storage for bottles and glasses. You can also place a chopping board on the worktop to cut lemons and limes and contain the spills.

Cabinet Bar

Island Bar

You can dedicate a whole unused space of your home to a cocktail bar-inspired island to provide luxury entertainment to your guests. You can install curved-shaped shelves to serve drinks and cocktails. Moreover, you can also have a fridge in the bar for making ice and chilling the drinks.

bar island

Wet Bar

If your house has enough space, you can convert your basement room to a bar. You can give it a dark and glamorous feel as you descend to the bar in the evening. Moreover, you will also need to install electrical sockets connecting a fridge or freezer to chill wine, frost glasses, and keep ice for the drinks. You can also install a shelf and place bar stools in front of it to give your guests the best bar experience at home.

home bar

Where to Install a Bar in Home?

Depending on your property’s shape, size, and layout, you can convert any corner of your home into a bar. These are some of the location ideas to install a bar in your home where it takes less space:

Behind Bi-Fold Doors

You can neatly conceal the bar behind bi-fold doors in a living room. You can install shelves or drawers to store the glassware and wine cooler, revealing a fantastic surprise for your guests when the doors open.

home bar idaes

Between Rooms

You can make a stylish and well-appointed bar between your home’s cooking and living area. You can add an excellent bar below the counters with open shelves and a wine fridge. On the other hand, you can also show off your drinks collection by placing them over the cabinetry’s worktop. You can make this space eye-appealing with full-length mirror installation on side draws.

bar in Between Rooms

Dining Room

You can carefully execute a bar space in your home’s dining room with hidden storage solutions. You can have a pull-out table to save space, have more storage, and a serving area for placing bottles and glasses. A sleek and minimalist-looking bar in the dining area helps you serve the drinks to guests right after dinner.

bar in dining


Freestanding Cabinet

Freestanding cabinets can help add texture and variety to your home bar with an antique, vintage, or modern look. In these cabinets, you can stock wine bottles and glassware in an organised and safe manner.

bar in Freestanding Cabinet


Having a home bar in a garden space is also one of the popular choices among homeowners. You can install shelves or cabinets in your garden’s covered space, which will help increase the use and comfort of outdoor space. You can entertain your guests in open natural air, freshening their moods.

Garden bar

Small Space

You can install a bespoke bar unit in any small space of your home by using your creative skills to enhance its look. You can install brass worktops and antique mirrors at the back to give your bar an incredible look.

Small Space bar

Under Stairs

You can utilise the space under the stairs to have a stylish appointed bar in your home. You can follow the staircase rise to gain the maximum height and harness all the available space. Moreover, you can add contrasting brass, timber or any other colour to differentiate your bar from the staircases. This technique will help you make the space glamorous and unique.

Under Stairs bar

Additional Tips

  • You can incorporate a boiling water tap in your bar’s small sink to get boiling water for hot beverages.
  • You should have a small fridge in your bar to keep your juices and drinks at optimum storage temperature.
  • You can have a dishwasher in your home bar so you do not have to carry glassware to and from the kitchen.
  • You should have a drinks corner away from the kitchen’s central cooking zone to avoid tripping over each other.
  • You can use natural or artificial exotic stones, place bar stools, and hang glass pendant lights to give your home bar a restaurant-worthy look.
  • You should mount open shelves just above eye level to keep them within easy reach for holding breakable glass items.
  • You can use porcelain tiles for the backsplash in your bar area, as they require low maintenance and are easy to clean.


A home bar is now becoming an epicentre for modern homes and a space for entertaining friends and family members. In this way, it helps make your home space more sociable with improved lighting and comfort. Moreover, it enhances your property’s monetary value, thus providing value for invested money.

You should select a home bar idea based on the style and feel you want to achieve with added entertainment value.

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