Loft Conversions in Fulham

Loft Conversions Fulham

A loft conversion is one of the smartest ways to turn your shack into a highly functional unit through a one-time investment.

Loft conversions play the same role as that of a final touch an artist gives when completing their masterpiece painting. Adding monetary value, enhancing comfort, and generating more functional space, it is an appealing choice for many.

Construct & Furnish London provides premium services for all types of loft conversions in Fulham. Carving them out as per your needs, we bring in versatile designs and colours and offer you the freedom to style your home the way you like.

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Choose from a Range of Options

Loft conversions come with a notable variety of designs, allowing you to choose one as per your preferences:

Hip-to-Gable Rear Dormer: One of the most common lofts, suitable for semi-detached houses. It is constructed by extending the hip vertically from the ridgeline, and a dormer is created at the rear of the home.

Roof Light Loft Conversion: This option is perfect for added space and greater value for your small home. If you want an isolated office at the top or a new single bedroom for a calm retreat, roof light conversion is a reliable choice.

L-Shape Dormer: An L-shaped dormer provides additional storage at the rear of the property and is preferably constructed for Edwardian or Victorian house style.

Mansard Loft Conversion: Resembling a rear dormer, these lofts have a flat roof with a mansard face that is sloped at 70 degrees. These lofts are common with terraced houses.

Modular Loft Conversion: Modular or pre-fab loft conversions offer a quick home enhancement solution. These are constructed off-site and allow you to have the flexibility to customise as per your choice.

Pitched Dormers: Pitched dormers give an aesthetic appeal and greater headroom. These dormers are successful with properties having large roofs.

Lofts Are a Smart Investment!

Adding a loft conversion to your home is beneficial in many aspects:

Significant Added Value: Loft conversion is arguably the single home improvement option that enhances your property value by up to 20 per cent.

Greater Versatility: Loft conversions come with the flexibility to transform as per your need, whether you need a new bedroom, a home-based office, a play area for kids, or a small study.

More Space & Comfort: Loft conversions add more storage space to fulfil your accommodation needs.

Considerable Cost Savings: Loft conversions give you the benefits of greater functionality, aesthetics, and space without paying for moving to a new house.

More Freshness & Energy: Loft conversions allow you to benefit from more natural light, enjoy early morning views, and feel relaxed and energetic.

Customised Solutions for More Convenience

A loft conversion is the best home improvement solution, augmenting your property’s value and comfort level.

Construct & Furnish London is the premium company providing specialised loft conversion services in Fulham. Ensuring perfection in each aspect, we deliver precisely what you need. Connect with us to turn the useless space into the functional unit you need and deserve.


You can expect to pay around £15,000-£20,000 on average. However, it’s an estimated price and for a precise quote, connect with our experts.

The price of a loft conversion is subject to:

  • The area of your residence
  • The type of your loft conversion
  • Added amenities in your loft
  • The labour involved

Usually, lofts fall under permitted development, which means you do not have to bear the hassle of planning permission.

Yes, a loft conversion makes your home more valuable by enhancing its aesthetics, functionality, space, and comfort.